Etiquette to follow when coding...

  • These day's we see lot of coders out there publishing their work or posting up in Q/A Sessions but most of them lack proper standards.

    Following are some of the standards you should follow when you code..

    1. Indentation

    This is one of the main problems that can be seen among most amateur developers. These programmers codes tends to look like a mess. Use of correct indentation will provide following advantages.

    • Organized Code
    • Will help identify code blocks easily and aid when debugging


    Commenting plays a major role when understanding someone's code as well as it helps the formatting of the code as well.
    It is encouraged for developers to always comment their codes such as what they did, what happens in the code and other dependencies to reduce errors that cause when that specific code segment is affected by major change.

    3. Naming Convention

    When naming a variable it is best practice to either use Pascle Case (eg:- AddCalc()) or Camel Case (eg:- addCalc()).
    If a variable name consist of more than two or more words then use of underscore( _ ) is recommended (eg:- monthly_salary_calc() ).

    4. Usage of Component

    When using components such as Textboxes, Buttons, RadioButtons, Classes always use their shorten form when naming them as it makes your life easy by being easy to find the correct component. eg:- txtName or NameText or nameTxt.

    There are more standards when coding but above said are the most important ones. So make sure when you code you life up to the standard so you can have a good coding life.

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