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    Our next Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop Details -

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    Cost- 8000 Rupees

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    what are the areas in the workshop ??

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    Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
    This module introduces machine learning and discussed how algorithms and languages are used.
    · What is machine learning?
    · Introduction to machine learning algorithms
    · Introduction to machine learning languages

    Module 2: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning
    Describe the purpose of Azure Machine Learning, and list the main features of Azure Machine Learning Studio.
    · Azure machine learning overview
    · Introduction to Azure machine learning studio
    · Developing and hosting Azure machine learning applications

    Module 3: Managing Datasets
    At the end of this module the student will be able to explore various types of data in Azure machine learning.
    · Categorizing your data
    · Importing data to Azure machine learning
    · Exploring and transforming data in Azure machine learning

    Module 4: Building Azure Machine Learning Models
    This module describes how to use regression algorithms and neural networks with Azure machine learning.
    · Azure machine learning workflows
    · Using regression algorithms
    · Using neural networks

    Module 5: Using Azure Machine Learning Models
    This module explores how to provide end users with Azure machine learning services, and how to share data generated from Azure machine learning models.
    · Deploying and publishing models
    · Consuming Experiments

    And Open source Tool set

    (Regression , Classification, recommendation ,clustering )

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    Kindly Notice that we have reschedule Workshop to 11th Feb 2019 (Same time) ....
    Only Limited seats available !!!