what are the requirements and skills need to do an overseas job & which countries are the best

  • I am a graduate of Bachelor of Technology in Software Engineering (B.Tec) in
    2018 from University of Vocational Technology Rathmalana. With years of experience working with various companies, I'm thoroughly exposed with the utilization of different technologies with PHP frameworks and pure PHP with OOP concepts in PHP. When I work with system design and development, I always think out of the box with my own creative ideas to further develop the idea. Before I start working on a project, I analyze other competitive systems and identify the key drawbacks and issues of those systems to develop a better solution. Over the years, I have built many completely functional products and I have designed system architectures and built the product and managed and maintained those end products. All these products were developed and design from a scratch for feature implementation.

    Moreover, I conduct client meetings, developer meetings and other communicative events to properly manage clients, projects and the team. I possess strong leadership qualities yet I can work well as a team member by undertaking work responsibilities with a team.

    Please Advice me.

    Thank you All

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    dn't go overseas. you can work in freelancer and upwork.. if you hv time, learn new technologies and rapid application development methodologies.

  • @root or fiverr

  • you don't need go overseas, you can work remotly with foreign clients.

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    Yes, fiver is a best place to beginners.