How to become a Full stack Developer

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    You need to know that this walk is hard and it will require self-discipline😣.

    There's 6 steps to follow,

    1. Learn HTML and CSS
      ​ Well take a step into HTML and CSS.

      ​ This is the first thing you should learn.

    2. Learn the basics of JavaScript
      Just stick to basics of JavaScript for now.

      ​ One more thing every good programmer will tell you to learn is JSON – JavaScript Object Notation.

    3. Learn Basic Web Deployment.

      ​ This is very important because it has a lot to do with API, this is also great when building Bots,

      ​ and it’s really easy. One last one is jQuery, but you have to master all the loops and data types first.

    4. Learn web frameworks
      ​ You can start learning any front-end HTML and CSS frameworks like bootstrap or foundation

      ​ or any other one out there.

      ​ You should also start learning server side languages such as PHP, Python or Ruby on rails.

      ​ You can start on the road of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular or any other.

      ​ You also have to option of learning databases like MySQL, POSTGRESQL or any equivalent.

    5. Learn Database Management System and Version Control

    6. Learn how to Deploy Apps.

      ​ Next you want to look into services like Heroku, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Digital Ocean (more of Linux)

      ​ and the others when you want to host your app.

    For a complete guide visit :

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    Thanks Bro. Can you post how to become Mean stack developer guide ?

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    sure, I will post it soon πŸ˜ƒ

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