anybody who has done aliexpress affliate marketing ?

  • my main question is regarding commission. I don't see a profit in the commissions of aliexpress portal. because commission range can change from 2 3 % to 50%

    lets consider a product is 26 dollars
    and commission is 20%

    that means 20 * 26 /100 = 5.2 dollars
    so lets convert this to lkr = 5.2 * 170 = 884 lkr (lol)

    what's the point of doing affliate marketing even when we get 20% commission its useless.

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    it's not useless, u need to have more sales to get a profitable revenue, no one will give you money for nothing,

  • @fern yeah but the thing I was planing to share post to fb and boost them,when we compare the expenses for boosting and commission its not profitable

  • @ChrisSachintha 1-30% is considered affliate revenue. >30-50% is considered High Ticket sales.

    either way your product has to have a considerable price point or high sales count to make profit.

    I will not place my bet on affiliate + fb ads for a product with low margin or variable affiliate pay offs.

    It's more of a gamble than it is to rely on as a source of revenue.

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