[E-Commerce] Product Selection + Marketing - What do you need to know?

  • I haven't posted in a while since life has got me busy but I understand that there are many who are looking to get into e-commerce or want to start a side job or own business for some extra income.

    This may not be directly related to technology but it is more about developing and enhancing our lives. I wrote this for another forum but decided to share it across here as well.

    This is a disclaimer for those who are new, or looking to start drop-shipping or e-commerce.

    Winning products are the least of our worries and besides, it's a dangerous factor to bet on. A winning product is capable of becoming a saturated one way too quick and shit goes south.

    Esp if you are starting new.

    Here what you can do to start off.
    I guarantee you that those who are looking to rich quick or lazy will not follow through any of this.
    If you want to develop the right processes and methods to be smart when you select products read through.
    This is assuming you have found the right supplier.

    A good marketer knows to take any sensible product and make it boom given the right resources and time.
    A good thing that goes into finding a product of that is to break it down.

    Base it on factors like;

    • Need,
    • Desires,
    • Demand,
    • The problems that revolve around it,
    • What pain points does it touch,
    • Emotional relations with it,
    • What makes people want it so badly (or how can you?),
    • Are you able to get people talking about it?, what do you need to do make that happen, etc.

    A huuuge portion of how well you sell is dependent on how you get the product+brand across to the customer.

    What aura you create around them, and so forth.

    Choosing a product you can break down may seem difficult at first and rightly so.

    This why you need to either create an environment around your niche or be part of one or many, so that when you need data or information, you will be responded to.

    Creating this is the hardest part imo (As well as ad spend too).
    Because you need to get real people be in your circles.

    People buy with emotional and social triggers as well as availability triggers too. Exploit them!

    I promise you, if you want to do this right, it will test your time, patience, and will want to make you give up.

    If you give into that feeling, you are not cut out for this.

    Many people fail at drop-shipping and eCommerce in because they don't understand the weight of it. This is a full time business for a lot of people. If you think you can get by with a little effort and a lot of shortcuts at the beginning, you are making a big mistake.

    These so called gurus and experts you see out have already got the experience and drive put out. They have lost a lot of dollars making mistakes and finding the right way.
    You learn from their mistakes but don't get the idea that you know their struggle too.

    Get ready to invest yourself full on and enjoy what you do.

    There's a lot you can learn more by reaching out and networking with like-minded individuals. Expert advice in the right way does wonders as you already know (otherwise you wouldn't spend so much time here on Facebook and Youtube). I am a part of a few groups and I have seen so much information shared across. So go find them and learn.

    However, please don't be selfish.

    Please don't join the group to just make use of free help and advise but also share your experiences and help one another too!

    Give more than you can ever take, and you shall reap more than you can ever sow.