what is MIS?

  • pls explain what is Management Information System in computer science

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    Management Information System (MIS) Management Information System (MIS) is a computerized database of financial information's, organized and planned in such a way that provides more regular activity reports for each level of management of the company. Usually you can also get special reports from the system easily. The main objective is to give MIS managers feedback on their performance. The top management can monitor entire company. The information displayed on the MIS usually show the "real" data against the results "programmed" and the results for the previous year ' It main progress against targets. MIS receives data from units and functions of the company. Some information is collected automatically by a computer linked extractions, MIS also monitor and display the performance of the corporation and, MIS generate 4 reports for the management.

    •Periodic Scheduled Reports
    •Exception Reports
    •Demand Reports
    •Push Reporting

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