How to fix this

  • Designed for Families eligibility
    After careful consideration, we have determined that your app does not meet our eligibility criteria for the Designed for Families program. Apps in the program must be specifically designed for children or families, have a rating of E or E10+, and include relevant app information.

    Here are some examples of common apps that are ineligible for the program:
    Apps for parents or care-givers (e.g., breastfeeding tracker, developmental guide)

    Parent guides or device management apps that are only intended for use by parents or care-givers

  • what is the content rating you get?

  • You should review the Families policy in Google play developer console,
    Go to Store presence > Content Rating and submit a new Rating, and make sure you mark it as, not specifically designed for children or families,

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    where did you get this ?