Elon Musk's Cyber Truck

  • The Real Life Iron Man (Elon Musk) has revealed his mind blowing next generation pickup truck "Cyber Truck", basically it's the next generation of trucks.

    So talking about the Cyber Truck, it is a electric truck which is similar to Tesla, the cool thing is this truck has no chassis, but this truck has an exoskeleton, which is supper cool, the reason that this truck doesn't have a chassis is because as per Musk the chassis and body of a truck is an extra load, like in old airplanes, but like modern airplanes this vehicle also has an exoskeleton which is hard and fit for all purposes of a truck,

    on the other hand the design, you can see this truck looks like it's a vehicle used in movies which shows about space explorations , I think that's because Elon Musk likes to live in mars so he prepares to that goal by making such vehicles

    one of the cool things in this truck is the suspension, not like usual truck suspension, this truck can automatic adjusting suspension, as in the above picture, when the truck bed door is open the it automatically lowers the suspension so that the user can easily do loading and unloading stuff.

    anyway I was amazed with this brilliant truck, on day I need to buy one of those 😛


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    the next level truck, electric vehicle changing the old gasoline vehicle history.

  • Thanks for sharing bro