How to install npm package from bitbucket private repository

  • I build a npm package for my future projects , but i don't know how to install that package from bitbucket , please tell me the process.

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    Declare dependencies in your nodejs app package.json:

    "dependencies": {
       "modulename":"git+https://[email protected]/lanakdevelopers/modulename.git",
       "ejs": "1.0.0"

    Then follow below steps

    • Turn on git cache, keep password in the cache for a certain period of time
    git config --global credential.helper cache
    git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=3600'
    • Access your private repository once, type your bitbucket password when prompted
    git ls-remote https://[email protected]/lankadevelopers/modulename.git

    Now you can install packages using npm install

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