Trading application like IQ Option For Sri lanka

  • Can I know the implementation Of Online trade application Like IQ Option
    Which technologies good for use. Please Suggest If I missed.
    There have an idea to go with the mobile application so please Suggest we would go with nation or hybrid


    • implementation The Chart
    • Payment gateway
    • Backend
    • Server Details
    • Chart Logics
    • Database
    • Mobile application

  • Linux Help

    You must go for native application development environment. but if your budget is low, i suggest react native. in the server side you must go for node js with mongo db.

  • @root Than I have to Go with AWS

  • Linux Help


    if you have big budget go for aws, if not, go for a cloud VPS ( digital ocean, linode)

  • You can go with RN also check flutter. Flutter is a perfect alternative to RN and native apps.
    For back-end, you can use nodejs. I suggest you to use meteorjs because the framework contains rich realtime functionalities out of the box. If you need to use expressjs or other nodejs frameworks, I recommend you to use graphQL with apollo client rather than REST API.
    Golang is also a great language for micro services (along with rethinkdb can be a good combo).

  • Linux Help

    this is good recommendation, but flutter is based on google's dart programming language.

  • @root
    If the reason is lack of developers, It's not hard to learn if you familiar with Javascript ES6 syntax and little bit of typescript(types are optional but it dose include some oop concepts). It can be a good invest bcz upcoming Fuchsia OS apps going to be based on flutter.
    Also performance are far better than RN and other hybrid frameworks/sdks since flutter transpile dart code into native languages.

  • @varuna Your idea is don't use native languages for the mobile or other developments

  • @Manoj-Abewardhana
    NO! It depends on your requirements and budget. If you need to use native features which dose not provide hybrid frameworks, you must go with native languages but I think since this project is kind of a web service (flutter allows to embed native languages inside dart codes), you can use hybrid methods.
    If you need to use native languages, you have to hire android and iOS developers. Two separate code bases. Two separate maintenance. That's mean you should have a healthy budget.
    I don't know much about iOS development. Also don't have experience with Xamarin and NativeScript.
    Find the best solution for your requirements and budget. Good luck 🔥

  • @varuna thanks I will try