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    Hi guys, welcome to the first Introduction to Unreal Engine! You can't pretty much do anything if you don't download the engine first. In here we will talk about few terms of what Unreal Engine does and what it's for.

    Note : Apologies if the same questions in the before post is mentioned here as well.

    First let's start with What is Unreal Engine?

    Unreal Engine is a set of developing tools in an Integrated Developing Environment (IDE) which is used to develop games. The reason why I choose Unreal Engine (UE4) is that UE4 has a good environment to design, animate and develop the games you've want to make.

    Can you make good games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto(GTA) in UE4?

    Short Answer, Yes. UE4 can be used to make big games, but you will need alot of people to do each work, and usually, companies end up creating a game engine of their own eventually.

    Is it possible to Learn how to make games without prior knowledge for coding?

    Yes. UE4 has a Visual scripting method called Blueprints shown below. Using that you will be able to drag drop nodes which is the same as coding. Yes you will need to learn blueprints, but learning blueprints is actually easier than coding since its visually appealing.

    alt text

    Can one person make a game?

    You can. Do NOT ever Demotivate yourself thinking you need anyone else. If you want to make a game, step up and start learning. There are so much of free resources which you can use that I will link later onwards.
    For a start, I'm a beginner at cinematics (which is something like trailers) and I'm working on this cinematic by myself using existing assets.

    What do you need to learn if you want to make a complete game yourself?

    Character Designing - You will need to design your characters in the game. Draw them in a 2D environment and have a rough idea what kind of character it will be (for example : A human, A robot or any other).Here you can use an application like Maya.

    alt text

    Character Modelling/Rigging - This is where you design the character in a 3D environment, add the necessary colors and rig the character with a skeleton. Rigging means you make bones for the character for animations and physics.

    alt text

    Character Animations - Here you make the animations from the character rigged earlier. Animations include walking, running, jumping, etc

    alt text

    Level Designing - Now you focus on the environment the character(s) are going to be on.
    You make a plan and start designing what the environment is going to be. Here you can use an application like 3DS Max.

    alt text

    Level Designing Advanced - Here you focus the terrain or level details, example, the lighting.

    alt text

    Programming - This is the place where you start the coding process. Here is where you connect the character to the animations, to the level, inside the engine.

    alt text

    Sounds - You will need to create sounds for main menu and effects when running, getting damage.

    alt text

    FX and other effects - This is the place where you design effects, for example, rain, any abilities used.

    alt text

    As an inspiration/motivation, this is a video of a speed level that was made in UE4. Do check it out and leave a like for the creator!

    How to Download and Install Unreal Engine?

    • Go to this website - and download the file epic games (Which should be auto downloading).

    • Install Epic Games

    • Make an account -

    • Log into Epic Games from the Launcher you downloaded

    • From the top menu bar, click on Unreal Engine which should be on the far left side.

    • Click on the yellow button on the left middle which says install/Download.

    • Epic Games will automatically download and install it on the place where you specify.

    Troubleshooting Tips

    • Verification code takes time to reach my gmail account - Don't worry, it is common Epic games takes time. Wait for few minutes and you will get it.

    Note : I might update this overtime.
    Last updated : 31-Dec-2018

    Thanks for reading this. Hope ya'll learn something new!

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