AWS Honeycode (build web and mobile apps without writing code)

  • A few days ago AWS launched its newest service, Amazon Honeycode.
    The main purpose of this service is to allow users to build web and mobile apps without writing code. This no-code environment is built around an interface that’s similar to a spreadsheet.
    According to Jeff Barr (an Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive), if you’re familiar with spreadsheets and formulas already this a golden opportunity for you because many options, like sheets, tables, values, and formulas, can also be applied in Honeycode.

    Honeycode comes with a variety of templates for some common applications, to help users to get started with things quickly. These include to-do lists, customer trackers, simple surveys, inventory management, content trackers, time-off reporting, event management, team task trackers, and time off reporting. These template apps are easily customizable and can be deployed quickly.

    Although it is too early to compare Honeycode with any other products with similar features, we can expect some exciting features ahead as the honeycode journey continues. Personally, I hope they add features to focus more on user experience and designs.

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