Sri Lanka's First Customer Centric Online E-Commerce Platform And We need your help to make this happen!

  • Anyone up for a brainstorm session on starting up an eCommerce/online store?

    Anyone can contribute here. Whether you are a casual user of sites like AliExpress, Ebay, etc or even Sri Lankan user-bases like Daraz, Kapruka, Simplex, etc, or someone who sells your products online on or Facebook, Instagram or even through Whatsapp/Viber...

    You are all amazing people and we'd like to create a platform for everyone to use whether it be to purchase or sell, we want to provide you with a more professional and a less frustrating way that does not make you run or worry for your money's worth.

    Let's face it. The only thing that is holding back Sri Lanka from being the "Digital Pearl" of the Indian Ocean, is because are all trying to be desperate on trying to earn quick bucks and are so focused on how we can make ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck.

    And I can't blame you. We are all the same. The economy of this country simply always cannot afford to pay our fullest worth and this makes it more and more important for us to be able treasure every single cent we earn. It's yours, and you have every right to enjoy it and get it's fullest value too.

    Researching upon many flaws and shortcomings of the current digital e-commerce ecosystem, it was clear to me why we all fell short in this.

    The main reason?

    No passion in the service being provided.

    As I said earlier, raising costs, price inflation and currency exchange rates increasing rapidly, taxation costs, etc make it frustrating for any casual online buyer like you and me to trust some vendor on the internet, be it our very own countryman or some foreign corporation to be assured of whether our demands will be addressed in a fair manner, such that no customer ends up dissatisfied. You simply cannot succeed if you remove the customer out of the equation and only see them as a piggy bank for your business. They are the greatest asset and the very backbone of your business, whether you choose to realize that or not.

    You might be wondering, will this ever become a reality?

    Yes! Ofcourse it's doable.

    To be honest with all of you, I spent the last quarter of 2018 on studying, analyzing both international and local ecommerce solution providers, and their response management, customer feedbacks, complaints and other various aspects and we learnt quite a lot.

    I tried to start off on my own, but I soon realized that my vision and my capability to provide value and service to my customers will be limited if I stood alone.

    So we have decided to involve the public too! We need your help to make this a reality! , be in providing insight on your experiences, or expressing your interest in joining us as a partner or contributor, or even by simply spreading the word out to everyone you can.

    Our plan so far has loads of potential for growth, market expansion with an exciting road-map ahead, with possibly global market expansion too!.

    This is a tried and tested approach (on small scale testing ofcourse) that revolves around solving some of the major issues that many Online Stores in Sri Lanka suffer from a consistent basis.

    An uncommon route that is rarely taken because, it's "not so easy" but very profitable and a real game changer on the long run if done right.

    We aren't looking for a large group to kick-start this up, hence is why this form is very detailed, strict and concise, however we solemnly invite everyone to participate. We will shortlist the best of the best in this venture.

    We intend on doing 1:1 interviews online and figure how we can best work it out with each other.

    Participate in the form below if interested;

    Please share on your walls and get the word out! We want to revolutionize the Sri Lankan E-commerce Industry and thus invite you to take part in the progress forward.

    It'll only take a few minutes to fill out the form (for interested parties), and only a few seconds to copy, paste and share on your social media!.

    This is done for you, by you.
    So let's all come forward to bringing this dream of us Sri Lankans to reality.

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    Who knows, even if none of your network may benefit from this directly, someone down the line would. So don't hesitate xD

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    Interested, can you provide an example for this scenario ? , this is like ? ( but swappa only for mobile phones )

  • @root While not like swappa, which focuses on a specific niche (mobile industry, namely just smartphones) and follows purchase/sale scheme not very different to how Amazon operates, although on a different level,

    We are planning to introduce a few different schemes, for ex, we will provide a platform for the local industry (suppliers, distributors come under this section), indie buisnesses (like handicrafts, clothing stores, custom special purpose goods, export quality goods like batiks, speacial ornaments and the likes, FMCG sector goods that are locally made and what Sri Lankans would love to get their hands on, etc), another section is permitted for direct associations with brands, dealerships, companies who wish to partner up (Like Softlogic, Abans, Samsung, etc).

    We want to create a platform for beautiful online shopping experience.

    The beauty of this is that, we will directly integrate with buisnesses to create a seamless experience. Essentially, they will provide you the way itself. All we do is to bring everything together and make sure it reaches you, just the way you wanted it.

    Another category would deal with solely online products from around the world. This is akin to online platforms like Ebay, AliExpress, Amazon, with a personal twist that enchances the experience itself.

    This is just the beginning. We hope to be able to bring more value. But that means we need everyone's support to know what they want, how they'd want it, and what are they willing to do about it

    We're trying to get this across everyone we can. We need everyone's support on this to make it a reality.

    Hope this makes sense.