[Discussion] Information Security Qualifiers - Share your Career Path Here

  • These days, we see a lot of workshops, certifications, programmes, even degrees and higher qualification trends happening and since "hacking" sounds exciting or thrilling to most of the youth in our society, they'd naturally be curious and spend a lot of money or effort into this but sadly, very rarely do they know how to approach this correctly.

    If you wanted to get into the Networking fields,

    You could start off with CCNA, or take the ICND1 and ICND2 exam after which you are CCNA qualified, whereas later on you can do CCNP and establish a more better ground on the aspect or focus on other various qualifications out there.

    When it comes to cybersecurity, however, despite needing a networking background and a more established knowledge in systems and operations, there's not much of a well refined career path known to most.

    Some suggest starting off with CCNA, then with the Security module, then CEH, CHFI, etc.

    I'd like to know from those in the Industry today about how they'd go about with this regard based on the knowledge they have now, and what you'd suggest for any reader here who'd come knocking by wanting to step foot in this path.

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    Not in the Industry, but I believe doing CCNA and then going on with CEH and onwards is a good plan. Also there are few degrees in Cyber Security now I believe, nevertheless, as far as I know, you have to aim on working abroad as you cannot do much as a cyber securitist in Sri Lanka.

  • MCP>MCTS>MTA(Securit)>CCNA>CCNA Security>CSCU>CEH>CHFI>LPT(Not Done yet)> MSc In infromation Security