[Guide] Online Passive Income By Blogging

  • If it makes money while you're not working on it aka while you sleep or doing anything else, that's what I liked to call real "passive income".

    In this topic, we are going to look at how one can blog and convert it into something that generates revenue for you.

    I will divide this guide into a few sections;

    1) How do you blog/ Is blogging right for you?
    2) What do you need to start blogging?
    3) How to use your blog to generate revenue.
    4) What next?

    1.How do you blog/ Is blogging right for you?

    When you think of blogging, what actually comes to your mind?

    Blogging is a process where people document their upon on a certain niche, it can be anything, but the main important factor is that it should be something you are truly passionate about!.

    When it comes to blogging, there are no shortcuts, no tricks or get famous quick tips.
    You won't be able to blast 1000's into your account everyday within days of starting blogging. If this is what you're looking for, this isn't for you. You have to look elsewhere.

    People from all over the world tune in, and keep themselves with blogs out there because the passion and value the authors put out is something they adore and want.

    Notice how the words "passion", "value", "adore", "want" are in bold?

    Passion = Effort = Value = Benefit = Adore/Appreciated = Want.

    Passion brings in hardwork and commitment, which breeds value and insight, which is what people would rather have, appreciate and want.

    Time is money, and so is their attention.

    Most people who blog and fail, do not put in the hard work, commitment, are not consistent, and their content has no value, need or want in them.

    People would ignore you and move on if there isn't something you can provide them with.

    This is the basis of figuring out whether you are ready to embrace all these rules and condition and move on forward.

    2. What do you need to start blogging?

    One of the most important thing we need to start blogging is to select a niche, as discussed earlier. If you haven't figured it out already, stop right now, do your research and make sure you have a niche to start blogging on.

    The next most important thing you need to start blogging is "content".

    Preferably you would want to write articles, a good word count would be between 1000-3000 words for starters.

    Please pay attention to detail, grammar, and the choice of how you word your articles. Use pleasant, neutral language and DO NOT offend, criticize or involve yourself into any slurs of any kind, be it religious, racial, or of any sort.

    Do not copy paste content from elsewhere. If you'd like, you can rephrase articles you find on the internet, or any other source but do not ever plagiarize from anywhere and provide appropriate references when necessary.

    Use images, videos related to your topic as much as possible but don't over-do it.
    The key is to strike a balance. People should visit your blog for what they can't find anywhere else, and that is, YOUR OPINION.

    So make it count!.

    Try to write 40-50 articles a day, YES A DAY!.

    It was never going to be easy.

    If you can do that much per day, commit yourself to do atleast 60-90 articles per month.

    For 3 months straight.

    That means, 2-3 articles per day. Let's imagine 1 article takes 2 hours to write?
    That means 4 hours of no social media from your day, no procrastination or wasting time watching cat videos or tv dramas.

    At the end of 3 months, you will have between 180-270 articles of fresh content.

    Now you have an idea about the content you will need to start off.

    Next you need to already have a platform to host your articles.

    There are many platforms available.

    I will not discuss them here, however, I will talk about what I would choose if I was someone like you, and why.

    Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog

    Most of you all know Wordpress or might have heard of it.

    Wordpress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there that has a big array of plugins, themes and many ways to enhance your blogging experience.

    This is how I'd suggest you use Wordpress and start blogging.

    1. Buy a domain of your choice with a name that suits your theme or niche. Please be patient and take your time when doing this. This is the personal image you give to the website and so you must take care about this.

    2. Next you need hosting. While many would suggest a paid shared hosting of any sort, when you're starting off, you will spend most of the time writing and publishing articles for the first 3 months. You already paid some amount for a domain, and honestly, you will not need all the features of a paid hosting as of yet as your traffic will be less at first and you won't need the extras. Grab a freehosting like the one at freehosting.com. I used them as well as can recommend them. Should be okay until you're ready to go full on with a paid hosting. And once you're ready, you will know to not cheap out here and get the best hosting pack for your value than you may think you can get with the cheapest one out there.

    3. Install Wordpress and get familiar with it. There are two ways of doing this. Either running Wordpress Live by installing on your host and running it from there, or use a WAMP or LAMP stack and run Wordpress locally to get used to it. I will demonstrate how to run Wordpress locally if you can't figure it by googling or youtube'ing it :).

    4. Install a Theme and spend some time customizing it to your liking.

    5. Install Google Analytics on WordPress. This is to track traffic sources.

    You can then decide on writing and publishing your posts/articles.

    Now that you have a platform to start blogging,

    You will need to bring traffic into your blog.

    You can do this by;

    • Promoting on Social Media.

    • Linking your posts on other groups, email newsletters, etc,

    • Use those articles while responding to people on Forums such as Quora , Related Forums , Submit it to Reddit with various different accounts, ask friends to up-vote. Start Self-Promoting your content as much as possible.

    • From the Web

    • Etc

    The first two would easily make sense, but the most important one you should be aware of, is how to grab from traffic from the Internet itself.

    Ask yourself this question.

    What is the best you can find out anything on the internet?
    By Searching for it!.

    Let's say you make a google search for something...
    You see the most related query to your search term at the very top and the ones most similar to it will be in the first page.

    How does Google know which website to show up in the first page and what isn't the best to shown?

    It's done by something called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

    In simple terms,
    It is the process of placing content and keywords in your posts and content in such a way that, when Google crawls your website, it knows to show your page when certain keywords in your article/page match the search query in their searches. This is how people find websites when they search on Google.

    I highly recommend and suggest everyone to read up and understand how SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) works, and how you can optimize your page for the best results. It is a deep but very critical element to successful blogging.

    Once you have these in place, let's move on to what you have been waiting for all along 🙂 .

    3. How to use your blog to generate revenue.

    To make money, you NEED traffic.

    Since you should have traffic on your blog by now due to all your hard-work,

    Here is a list of what you can do to make money;

    1. CPC/PPC Ads: Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click ads that you can place in your blog where you get paid for each click someone makes on your site.

    2. CPM Ads: Cost Per Impression Ads are ads you place in your where you get paid for each person who views the ad on your site.

    Google AdSense is the best form for the above types of ad placement programs.

    1. Private Ads: This is similar to those large advertisement boards which says "Space to Lease". You can rent out a place on your blog to other where you display their ads and get paid in return.

    2. Affiliate Marketing: There are many ways and services to use Affiliate Marketing. Basically, you are presented with an Affiliate Link that tracks when someone purchases an item through that link, you receive a commission from them in return.

    3. Sell Digital Products: You can sell digital products like Ebooks, online courses, apps, etc. and earn that way.

    4. There are other niche related revenue methods I will talk about in another post another time maybe.

    4. What next?

    Let's imagine you have successfully built your website, you have great content, have 10000s regular of visitors, have set up adverts and such and it brings you cash.

    Now what? What does the future hold for you?

    To explain properly, let's assume your blog is about "Men's fitness"...

    You can start getting paid to review and market other brand products.
    You can reach out to a company and tell them,

    Hey I run a blog on Men's fitness, and have 10000s of organic visitors per day. Would you be interested in featuring your products on our blog?Here's what we charge per post and you are welcome to talk and take this through with us. We are based in so and so country, etc.

    At the same time, you can start a Youtube Channel related to your blog, create a video, post it on Youtube, link it to your blog too.

    Remember, you signed up and got the products to review as an article but you are offering a free video review for them no questions asked. This is something that will not go unconsidered from their side and you can work togather with them further it works out great.

    Slowly you can start building your Youtube Channel by bringing traffic from your blog as well as directly from Youtube itself.

    You can do giveways and such. There are so much you can do if you give in hard thought into this and work hard and stay committed to it and not give up. This doesn't happen overnight.

    There is so many ways you can make money online. The best most profitable ones don't happen overnight.

    I am planning to shed some more light on other passive/income methods you can work on online. See you guys next time.

    Share your feedback and insight in the comments section so I can do better next time. I don't do article writing very much. I prefer 1:1 discussions so if you have any suggestions, do let me know.

    If there is anything you'd like me to work on as my next post, let me know.

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