Job Opportunity: Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

  • Web Development

    Senior Software Engineer (WordPress/PHP)
    Apply before: 31/10/2020

    Qualifications & Experience

    • 3+ years of commercial WordPress development experience is a must.

    • Experience in WordPress theme and plugin development

    • Experience in WooCommerce development

    • Experience in database technologies such as MySQL.

    • Experience in CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Ajax.

    • Experience in Photoshop and image manipulation.

    Skills & Personal Characteristics

    • Ability to work within deadlines individually and as a team.
    • Problem solving and communication skills.
    • Ability to learn new technologies quickly.
    • Ability to understand the importance of customer service.
    • Innovative and forward thinking.

    If this role excites you and sounds like a great fit, please apply now! ([email protected])

  • Linux Help

    Is this still available ??

  • Web Development

    @root yes bro

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