Question on Serverless Microservices Project using AWS & NodeJs

  • I'm trying to learn Serverless microservices for an assignment. I have zero experience in AWS , Serverless and Microservices.

    As I have understood up to now, I can create an aws-nodejs project using sereverless framework and deploy it to AWS and then I can have a Lambda function and an API endpoint. Then I have an microservice!

    Let's say I want to build a complete system which provide free e-books and displays advertisements.

    Then I will need an UI to communicate with the backend, I will need one microservice to get the e-books from the database, one microservice to load the advertisements. That means there are two microservices for my system.

    Q1: Do I need to create two separate serverless projects for two microservices?

    Q2: If I want to have CRUD operations in my e-books microservice, I will have to create 5 functions right? That means serverless framework will create 5 lambdas in AWS. Are these five lambdas considered as five microservices or 5 functions of one microservice?