Can anyone explain How to get Microsoft Certified and is it worth ?

  • Can anyone explain me what is the order of Microsoft Certifications should I get as a Software Developer? I've read some article about it but it will be better to get advice's from someone who already certified or have a good understanding about it.

    I've already done Higher Diploma in CS and currently following PGD level at BCS. So I've good understanding about IT and programming subjects specially in java and C#.

    I've read Microsoft documentation and it say's Microsoft Technology Associate (MCA) Exam is for beginners who don't have any IT knowledge. There is an other exam called Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) and it say's Candidates for this exam should have one or more years of experience programming.
    I have done some academic projects but don't have any industry experience.

    Some of my friends says go and get Oracle certifications.I also love java but now OCA cost around $245.

    finally I want to know is it worth to get certified either oracle or Microsoft ??

    Thank You !

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    @uditha he might help you.

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    Thats a personal decision to be honest. If you choose to become a java developer, you might as well get any oracle based certifications as those are the best to get you fast into companies.
    If you plan on doing any other languages like .Net or C#, then follow the microsoft based certifications.

  • My personal recommandation is do not get any of cetificates form Microsoft or Oracal, because that is not the trend in 2020. get bsc degree from reputed univercity, and learn JavaScripts/Python in full time.