Arduino Based Programming And Project Development Course

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    This workshop is ideal for absolute beginners and electronic hobbyists including school students, undergraduates, engineers and those who are interested in electronics. Throughout this course you will gain everything that you need to know in order to create your own projects.
    There will be two separate workshops for those who have a programming knowledge (Basic C/C++) and for those who don't have programming knowledge. Once you successfully completed the course, a certificate will be provided.

    All the practical equipment needed throughout the course will be given by Technolabs Engineering.

    COURSE FEES: Rs.12,500.00 (Rs.6500.00+ Rs.6000.00)
    FREE Basic Arduino Kit

    DURATION: 3 Hours x 10 (>> for those who have programming knowledge)
    4 Hours x 10 (>> for those who don't have programming knowledge)

    MEDIUM: Sinhala/English/Tamil

    TRAINING METHOD: Explanation >> Demonstration >> Hands on Practicals

    CERTIFICATE: Will be provided

    TEACHING MATERIAL: Lecturer notes, Required practical equipment



    Understand the types and architecture of Arduino
    Introduction to Arduino programming
    Arduino IDE and libraries
    Use of digital and analog input output ports
    Display methods (serial monitor / LCD display / seven segment / dot matrix)
    Interfacing sensors (Temperature and Humidity, IR, Ultrasonic, Optical, Proximity, etc)
    Interfacing actuators (DC motors, Servo motors, Stepper motors relays and etc)
    Developing of Industrial applications (Line following & obstacle avoiding robot, simple home automations, heart rate monitors, fan controllers, etc)


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