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    Hi there folks! Welcome to a starting guide to Game Development and Unreal Engine. Here we'll few things about game creation in general and help getting started into game development.

    Let's answer most of the asked questions about Game Development first!

    What is the difference between Playing Games and Developing Games?
    As the word implies, one is playing a game and other is developing, but let's go for a more in depth answer. Playing a game means you are running a set of instructions which the processor moves around from the application on the HDD to the memory on the RAM. Which means it is always constantly on the move and on the run.
    Whereas developing a game means the application won't be running always. Using tools and mini applications, at runtime or otherwise, the environment of the application(game) is modified.

    Too Advanced or Doesnt make sense? Let's move on!

    What do you need to make a Game?

    • A medium-high end Computer
    • Some knowledge about Game Creation
    • Internet connection

    Yes that's it!

    Is it hard to development a game like Assassin's Creed or Grand Theft Auto?
    Simplest Answer : Yes, but do-able. The problem is, high level games have alot of details in the environment. We will talk about the basic overview the people in companies like Ubisoft, Activision do to create huge games.

    What is the Recommended PC for Game Development
    Despite what many people might suggest, I recommend the following.

    • Core i7 8th Gen Processor
    • Above 12GB RAM
    • GTX 1080 Graphic Card
    • Decent Motherboard to handle the processor and GPU
    • Decent Powersupply to match the GPU and Motherboard's needs
    • Basic 2TB Magnetic HDD (If possible go for a SSD)

    What is the Software used to Develop Games?
    There are many game engines used to develop games. The one that I am familar with is Unreal Engine 4 or UE4 in short. Here's an example what it looks like :
    alt text

    Do you need to learn a Programming Language to make games?
    Engines like UE4 use a visual scripting language called blueprints, as shown below : alt text.
    Learning a programming language is not necessary, but it better if you can to learn a language like C++ which is commonly used in the Game Development industry.

    What fields do you need to learn to make a game by yourself?
    I recommend the follow fields to be learnt. This will be mentioned more in future posts.

    • Character Designs
    • Level Designs
    • Effect Designs
    • Programming
    • Sounds and Effects
    • Animation Designs

    Is there an easy way to make games?
    To be honest, there is few ways you can make your workload reduced by using external services. That will be mentioned in another post.

    How to get started with Unreal Engine?

    1. You need to Download Epic Games from here and make an account.
    2. Using the Epic Games, Download unreal engine

    Here is what my Epic Games UE4 looks like : alt text.

    Hope this covers atleast a start to Game Development. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or DM. I am learning Game development myself.

    Thank you for your time in reading this!

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