What stack should I be proficient in for an intern position?

  • I already have a fair bit of knowledge with MERN, but I don't see a lot of React positions open online. Thinking of taking up php but I do want to make sure its the right move...

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    I think JAMSTACK , because it's the future.

  • @root I'll check it out. Sounds promising.

    But from a strictly job perspective, what should I engage in to get that's marketable in SL right now?

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    In Sri Lankan companies use react and angular on frontend, the backend most of the companies are going with .Net and Java, very little opportunities for php in Sri Lanka, but don't depend on SL , go for freelancer world, you can learn lot of things by your self.

  • @Dishan-Madhumal My advice for you is if you're looking for an intern position don't think too much of a specific stack. Learn the core programming concepts using your favorite language for example like java or C#. As I know most of the companies not asking questions specific to one stack for intern positions.
    After you selected for a company you can learn their stack. I'm telling this from my experience, I learned java then got an intern as a Net Core developer. after 1.5 years I moved to another company as a NodeJs backend developer.

    But if you want to go with a specific stack I prefer to go with .Net Core or NodeJS. This is my personal choice 🙂

  • @BuddhikaNelum Thanks for the reply. If you don't me asking, what sort of proficiency did you have with Java? Were you able to code acceptable programs yourself or was it just the basics?

    How did you get the internship and how was the interview process? I've been studying and coding with Node for almost a year with a bit of freelance experience to the point where I'm almost at a junior dev level, though I've not been lucky applying to internships so my industrial experience is zero at this point.