AngularJS Guide Part 1 - English

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    Angular JS is a client side MVC/MVVM Framework, this is created by google so most of developers adopted to angular js. This is very popular for single page web applications and also we can do lot of things using angular js. Ionic framework is best example that showing power of angular which is used to make Hybrid Mobile Applications using HTML, CSS and Javascripts only.

    To install the Angular JS we want Node JS on our computer, and we use Angular CLI to create, test, build and deploy our angular app.

    Installing Node JS go to this website and download right package match to your OS. You can find out instructions on that page

    Installing Angular

    After installing node js we need to install Angular CLI, to install that open your terminal and run

    npm install -g @angular/cli

    Creating an Angular App

    After installing Angular CLI, navigate to where you want to create angular project and then run following command in the terminal

    ng new my-app //my-app is your project name

    When you run this command it will ask you information about your app, for now just press enter, we can change these info later

    Running our Angular App

    Navigate to your app directory

    cd my-app

    After you navigating to app folder you can run your app using ng-serve command. When you run this command it will start a local server and when you made a change it will automatically reloads the app(auto reloading) this is a very useful feature.

    ng serve --open

    When you run above command it will automatically open the app using default web browser(http://localhost:4200/), if not try rerunning the command. On successful execution you can see like below


    On the next step i'll show you how to edit our app. If you have any question just ask on our members will help you.

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